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(OLD) Starting afresh.

NOTE: This post was originally posted on my tumblr blog. It has been imported here for posterity’s sake, in case tumblr ever deletes my account for inactivity/ceases to exist/is taken over by trained apes.

Unfortunately, in the process of migrating from an old VPS to a shiny new one, my Wordpress posts were not, as I had originally thought, backed up. Now, I intended to move to tumblr anyway, but it would’ve been nice to bring my posts with me.

Still, there was nothing I couldn’t do without, and hopefully the fact that tumblr is not hosted on my server (it would fall over a lot more often if it was) will help avert such missteps in future.

And, honestly? It feels rather nice to start 2011’s blogging with a clean slate. Obviously, this blog is not yet fully set up, but that should happen over the next few days or so.

PSquid out.