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The Curse of Microblogging?

This is something more of a ramble than a clearly-directioned post. As such, you may wish to skip over this one, as it’s likely to end up somewhat less useful to others. I’m writing it mostly to get it out of my mind.

Lately, I’ve been wondering just why it is that I don’t often post to my blog (recent times have been something of an exception). It seems to me there are two possible explanations.

The first is that I’m simply not doing that much of interest. This would be a sorry state of affairs indeed, and one that I make efforts to avoid; there seems little point to a life spent on the mundane alone.

The second possibility is that I simply don’t have much more to say than I’ve already offloaded via microblogging; in my case, that would be on status.net. This one seems, on examination, to be the more probable cause, especially given how frequently I post (it varies a little, but it’s reliably more often than once an hour when averaged over an entire day; allowing for sleep, it would be more frequent).

So, armed with that knowledge, I’m now wondering what the best approach is:

While I’m unsure whether any of this has any strong grounding in fact, I think the third approach is a good direction to strive for in future, so I’ll be making efforts to adopt it as a habit. Wish me luck. :)